Brahman bridge neglected and ‘useless’

Lae News, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PEOPLE attending the graduation and closing up of Brahman High School in Madang had to walk two hours to the venue last Wednesday.
The Brahman Bridge, which  links  the  school to the main highway linking Madang, Lae and the Highlands, provinces had collapsed and people had to park their vehicles on one side and walk two hours to the school to attend the graduation.
The bridge collapsed during heavy flooding in January and had deteriorated due to many months of neglect.
The works division said nothing could be done due to lack of funding.
During the school year, students and teachers had to transport all their food and school supplies on foot to the school.
It takes about five hours to walk from the main highway to the school.
Villagers said their MP had not visited the area, which is home to more than 3,000 people.