Brain drain in Health dept

Letters, Normal

The National

I JOINED the Department of Health not too long ago.
I am very concerned that qualified and experienced staffs personnel are leaving the department for greener pastures elsewhere.
Last year, five people from my branch resigned and early this year, four more left.
At the end of this month, another four are expected to leave.
I am tired of attending farewell parties and buying gifts.
It seems like my branch is a training ground where people come in, work for a while, get experience and join other organisations for better packages.
There is a severe staff shortage to effectively and efficiently carry out essential activities.
I am sure the senior management team is aware of the situation but is not doing anything to address this issue.
This “brain drain” is a frightening trend in the Health Department.
Compared to other organizations, the salary package of the department is not attractive.
I call on the senior management team to do something constructive before we witness more people leaving.


Concerned Staff
Port Moresby