Brains rattled by poor roads

Letters, Normal

THE roads’ condition in Lae has gone from bad to worse.
Every time I drive, my brains are rattled from the never ending potholes and craters on Lae roads.
It is a real nightmare driving in Lae.
I wonder what our international community must be thinking.
It is a shame our Government is ignoring this vital national asset in the industrial hub of PNG.
Why has everyone gone silent over the road issue in Lae?
What is the problem?
Where has all the money gone to?
Why did the Morobe governor suddenly go quiet on this issue?
What is Lae Chamber of Commerce doing to protect the business community and the taxpayers for paying a service that is not forthcoming?
Have the Morobe governor and Lae MP gone to sleep?
Can someone from the national and/or provincial government shed some light?
We need to make a documentary of our appalling roads.
I hope someone can tell us what is going on.