BRC hands final report

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THE Bougainville Referendum Commission (BRC) has provided the final report of the referendum to the Government to close down the BRC after serving its purpose.
The BRC was commissioned in August 2017.
Some savings were made in conducting the referendum and K2 million was returned from a budget of K27 million.
Prime Minister James Marape, who received the report yesterday, said that he was very happy for a successful referendum and also the return of the balance of the budget.
“The referendum was credible,” he said. “International observers rank it one of the best for a conflict and civil war area where losses of lives are seen globally.
“We have successfully conducted a world-class referendum.
“It is something of a young democratic nation like ours should be proud of.
“So, congratulations to the BRC for this work.
“I’d like to thank the chairman Bettie Ahearn for coming all the way from Ireland to supervise this referendum.
“I also thank all the BRC commissioners and staff for this successful report which will be presented and debated in Parliament.
“We were committed to seeing the referendum become successful and committed much-needed funds for a free and fair referendum. We all know that the outcome of the result which 97 per cent voted for independence.”

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  • This government came with a promise to the nation that there would be no more borrowings.
    “Yet going around the world seeking loans . Why is this? Please stick to your promise.

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