Break out

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The National, Friday March 7th, 2014


TWO suspects allegedly involved in the K6 million G4S robbery escaped from custody on Wednesday.

The suspects were at the Waigani Committal Court for mention but escaped while being led to a police truck for their transfer.

The escape took place at the Waigani National Court holding cells at about 1pm.

A source said the suspects were picked up by a green vehicle that assumedly had been waiting for them and monitoring their movements.

He said as the detainees were walking past guards who had already formed a line to conduct the transfer, the green vehicle entered the holding cell car park.

“The guards were held up at gunpoint by the men who arrived in the vehicle and were told to lie face down on the pavement,” he said.

“With all the guards lying face down, the two suspects ran to the vehicle, got in and escaped.”

The source said it had been a week since surveyors started working on extending the car park and people had been going about their business as usual.

However, on Wednesday morning the employees noticed the vehicle that had aided the escape of the suspects parked in the car park.

They took no notice of it, thinking it belonged to the surveyors because the men in the vehicle were wearing vests that had reflectors – like workmen’s uniforms.

It is not known how many guards were present when the escape took place.

Another source said the vehicle was able to enter the holding cell car park because the security guard at the gate dived for cover when he saw a gun being pointed at him.

She said the men in the vehicle got out and opened the gate and let themselves in.

The Waigani National Court Registrar and the Committal Court officers have been tight-lipped about the escape.

Efforts to get their comments have all failed.