Brewery chief on a mission

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The National, Thursday 25th April 2013

 STAN Joyce came to Papua New Guinea 33 years ago as a young Sydney boy working for Twisties then.

He joined the South Pacific (SP) Brewery in 1997.

Joyce (pictured right) has held several roles with the company before taking over the role as the general manager in 2007.

“I first came to the country 33 years ago as a young boy working for Ever Crisp company, (Twisties) before joining SP Brewery in 1997”, he says.

He adds, “Many things happened between those years. 

“I took up several roles in the company including marketing and commercial manager. Due to positive the growth in the economy in the last 10 years, we (the company) performed well”.

He says 2013 and going forward, “I want to discuss and work with other people to promote responsible consumption (alcohol) in the country”. 

Some of the major company’s achievements Joyce highlighted included investment in refurbishing its equipment and the re-introduction of the graduate programme.