Brian Bell to build new Homecentre in Goroka


BRIAN Bell Group will start construction of its new Homecentre in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, chief executive officer Cameron Mackellar says.
In a business update, he said capital spending was in place to grow and develop its market.
“This (homecentre) will be located right next to the new ANZ building and this project will be completed in early 2023 and open for business.”
He said Brian Bell remained optimistic about the future and this year was no different.
“While we can’t predict what others, including the Government, will do this year, we have our plans established and will be driven and focused to execute those plans.
“Major capital projects and improvements in systems and culture have been our key focus over the past five years.
“They are all set to continue in 2022, particularly, the capital spending in order to grow and develop our markets further.
“Our latest property investment, the Mt Hagen Homecentre will complete construction in March or April and will open for trade in May.
“We will invest in our Kokopo Homecentre in early 2022 and build a completely new mezzanine (second floor) growing the overall size of the store and giving it a complete facelift.
“This will provide for an improved shopping experience for our customers in East New Britain.”