Brian Bell to open new shopping plaza in Gordon


BRIAN Bell customers will have the complete shopping experience when the new Gordon shopping plaza in Port Moresby opens in the coming weeks combined with other enhancements to its homecentre business.
With the opening of the plaza expected soon, Brian Bell has also opened a new furniture department and sporting goods department with the aim to enhance customer experience.
Chief executive officer Cameron Mackellar said on Friday that the new Gordon shopping plaza was a significant investment for the group and the country.
“In addition to that, not only are we opening a brand new shopping centre which has 20 different independent retailers operating from it, but we have also enhanced our operation with our homecentre so the two are integrated to give a complete shopping experience,” he said.
“Unfortunately, we are still in the process of finishing the homecentre side of things but we are nearly complete on the shopping plaza side of things.
“We’ve had a couple of other retailers operating from the Brian Bell Homecentre for a number of years, including Keynote, but what’s happening with those retailers is that they are moving into the new shopping plaza and our homecentre business will gain that space back.
“So we will have more products, more categories and more customer offers for the homecentre business as well as more space for more merchandise and more products.
So the whole shopping experience is going to be significantly better not only in our shopping centre but in
our homecentre business as well.
“On the outside, we are undertaking some civil work construction to free up and open up car parking space for our new customers.” Chairman Ian Clough said the plaza used to be an old warehouse which had totally been transformed.
He said the plaza would contain a wide range of products and give Papua New Guineans an offer they would not be able to get elsewhere.