Bribe claims


SOME police officers in Popondetta seem to be easily taking bribes from foreigners in the province and not doing their jobs professionally.
On April 15, a foreigner was arrested and charged for using the obscene word towards national worker at a construction site.
However, it appears the arresting officer had not deposited the K300 bail which he got from the suspect in front of us at the CID office.
The officer did not follow the proper process when he received the money and released the suspect when the proper process would have been for him to be detained and only released when a deposit was made at the bank and a Department of Treasury receipt was presented to him.
We even believe that the bail fee should have been more and his passport should have been confiscated pending the outcome of the case in the court.
But all this did not happen and the foreigner is out there free, thus, causing anger to us the victim’s family.
When approached again on July 10 on a follow up, the current police station commander said he did not want to have anything to do with the case which even the PPC had tasked him to ensure it was prosecuted.
When we checked with prosecution, an officer told us he does not have a file on the said suspect.
We are now calling on the police hierarchy and the police minister to intervene while we report this to the internal investigation unit and also do a report to the governor’s office to assist us pursue this case further.

Family of the victim