Bribery contributes to poor airline services

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 14th of February, 2014

ON Feb 8, I witnessed a bribery practice by a  security guard who was stationed at the first security check point at the domestic terminal.
I was with my in-law who  was  to  catch  a flight to  Hoskins and had brought with him a Scotch whisky that had to go through the normal luggage security check.
However, I was not pleased when the guard pulled the bag aside containing the drink and did not allow the drink to go through until he was offered a K20 which he then let through.
This is stealing in broad day light in  pretext of carrying out your duties.
Air Niugini should make it public on big posters to all passengers at such points on how much beverage they are allowed to take on a flight as many passengers do not know how  much they are allowed to carry.
Passengers need to know all airline or flight rules so guards do not fool them  like what happened to us.
Customer service starts from the door or the car park of your office with whoever meets you first.
And Air Niugini may boast to provide the best airline service in the country but if guards are not honest with passengers, then your flight services is nothing to me.

Wanbel Niape
Port Moresby