Bribery,nepotism ruining our nation


CLAIMS of bribery and nepotism relating to the police reservist recruitment is a wake-up call and something must be done to stop its spread, not only in our disciplined forces, but the entire public service as well.
It is sad to learn that our own Papua New Guineans educated sons and daughters holding onto high and respectable offices are the ones behind the bribery and nepotism.
Why can’t we, as Papua New Guineans, change our wantok system mentality to stop these corrupt practices and work towards building this nation for the good of our future generations.
The police minister and his commissioner must immediately direct and put a stop to the recruitment lists, recall and rescreen the applications.
It is a very bad practice for selectors putting their unqualified wantoks in first place.
In fact, those selected are already bad apples and corrupt and will always practice corruption and nepotism.
Few of us former public servants who were trained under the colonial Australian administration before PNG gained independence went through tough times to get this country to where it is today only to see it crumble by some greedy, selfish and corrupt people.
Soon after PNG gained independence, few of us took over the administration of government departments and statutory bodies and were given the responsibilities of recruiting people to be employed in the public service in an honest and uncorrupt manner in the best interest of our people and country.
My fellow Papua New Guineans, please listen to me, this is our country and we must do away with corruption and nepotism in order to take PNG to the next level.
No-one else will come and develop this country for us.
In conclusion, my former boss named Max Radomensky shook my hand before leaving PNG a month before Independence Day and said: “Son, I am leaving your country and this office in your capable hands but I know you will manage because I trained you well.”
This country is in YOUR capable hands now.

Samson C Napo
Former Bulolo MP