Bridge building delay irks Juffa

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 17th April 2013

 NORTHERN Governor Gary Juffa is frustrated with the delay in the start of work on infrastructure in the province.

He is particularly concerned about the length of time taken by government departments to allow an Australian company engaged by AusAID to build the four main bridges at Kumusi, Embare, Eroro and Girua. 

“These bridges have remained unrepaired since Cyclone Guba in 2005 – almost eight years ago,” Juffa said.

“The bridges are vital for the people of Northern to access health and other vital services. During the rainy season, they are flooded and inaccessible.”

He thanked AusAID for its assistance.

He also welcomed the acting appointment of David Were as Works secretary who is trying to push things forward.

Juffa plans to visit the various departments in Port Moresby to find out where the hold-up is on the planned work of the bridges.