Briefs, Letters

School leavers time bomb
THE report about 3,000 EHP Grade Eight students set to miss out Grade Nine next year has highlighted one of the core problems encountered with the implementation of education reforms. This problem is much more serious when one considers the number of Grades Nine and 11 students throughout the country who miss out on further education opportunities every year due to lack of available places. The National Education Plan (2004-14) tried to address this problem by proposing to upgrade vocational centres and technical secondary schools. But sadly, it failed to materialise. I hope the so-called technical education officers at Waigani are developing strategies to address this issue because it looks like the country is sitting on a time bomb. – Grassroots planner, via email



Tell the truth, Baki
THE police commissioner is giving contradicting information over the seizure of high powered weapons by Customs officers at the Jackson International Airport last week. He should tell the people of this nation the truth. He should also tell the people who requested for them and for whose use. I find it hard to believe the police commissioner would blindly sign any form put before him. He signed the documents for the purchase so he should know the owner of the firearms is. Authorities concerned should thoroughly investigate this case and expose the culprits. – Kotiufa Gipe, Goroka



Pay rise unwarranted
I SUPPORT the letter “Our police do not deserve a pay rise” (The National, Oct 27) by “Kumanbia”.  I would say three-quarter of the force is showing a bad image. The police must recruit people on merit, not Grades Six and Eight dropouts. There a few who are upholding dignity and pride but the majority wants something in return. How do we eradicate corruption this way? The RPNGC should retrench the old personnel and go on a mass recruitment exercise to complement the pay rise. When our police force is corrupted, how can we maintain ethics, standards and reputation the force? – K-net Kawai Pasate, Port Moresby



Wenge’s queries on Amet
WHY is Morobe Governor Luther Wenge so interested in Sir Arnold Amet’s status as Madang Governor so suddenly? Something fishy is going on. Is it because of the Lutheran University agenda and Sir Arnold’s strong stance against Mr Wenge and his cohorts’ dealings? – Normal songan, Port Moresby



Well done, Dr Iamo
I HAIL from the Hawain forest area and I read with total disgust that there are some so-called “white paper boys” capitalising from the ignorance of our folks back home to rip them off. I call on these conmen to stop what they are doing and get out. The acting director of OCCES Dr Wari Iamo must be commended for warning the people that there is no legislation on carbon trading and they must not be conned into making deals. – Rhuosengi Nava, via email



United Party, not National Party
JOHN Fowke is right except it is United Party. The National Party was founded by Paul Pora to counter Pangu’s elitism and coastal domination for that period and give PNG an alternate. – John Kup, via email



Congrats, Kumuls
I WOULD like to congratulate the PNG Kumuls for winning the Pacific Cup. The players showed they were made of sterner stuff and put an end to Cook Islands’ hopes of pulling off an upset. The Kumuls will know where they stand when they compete in the Four Nations next year. To qualify for that event is an achievement and coach Adrian Lam must be congratulated for gelling the squad. – Kumul diehard, Port Moresby



Well done, Kumuls
I WOULD like to commend the PNG Kumuls for winning the Pacific Cup. By winning the tournament, the Kumuls have shown that they are the champions of the South Pacific and a new force to be reckoned with. Keep the PNG flag flying, guys. – JJ, Port Moresby