Pilot project
THE National Information and Communications Technology Authority is currently conducting an E-Agricultural pilot project in Jiwaka, says chief executive officer Charles Punaha. He said they have an application that was created which the farmers in Jiwaka were now using. Punaha said the farmers can use the application to log in and it will give updates on the price of vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and other food crops. “Commodity prices like coffee can also be accessed using the application so that farmers can know what the price is like in different centres and wholesalers before going and selling.”
Draft plan
THE International Telecommunication Unit (ITU) has come up with a draft National Emergency Telecommunication Plan to help the country in different emergency situations. Programme coordinator for ITU Asia regional office Ashish Narayan said that the plan outlined some of the structures that needed to be in place within the public service to act as fall backs. Narayan said the idea was to have a structure where public service and mobile operators are the main fallback. He said the names of key organisations and their personnel responsible during emergency situations with their contacts needed to be updated and the plan addressed that.