Letters, Normal

Well done, Kumuls
I WOULD like to congratulate the PNG Kumuls for their impressive performance in the Pacific Cup tournament. Winning the trophy was an icing on the cake. I must commend chief coach Adrian Lam for making sure his boys were up to the mark. I hope he will maintain the discipline, training and good game plan as his boys prepare for next years big challenge – the Four Nations tournament. We are very proud to qualify for this event on merit. However, there is something I want Mr Lam to be aware of. Our players seemed to lack the initiative to charge at their opponents. They just stood there and let opponents come to them. Against the smaller teams, we can get away with it. Try that against the big boys and we’ll be slaughtered. We must run up as soon as the ball is played so that our boys can stop the opponents from approaching your danger zone. – W. Paulus, Madang



Unnecessary spending
THE Member for Wewak recently went on a spending spree. The MP’s reasons for buying vehicles for Turubu village in the East Coast and Lowan village in the West Coast are lame. How long will these vehicles last? Is he aware that vehicles are breaking down because the road network is poor? He should have spent the funds on improving the road network. Where are the promises the made in 2007? We have not seen any fermentry kit, water supply, water catchment project, upgrading Dagua High School, etc. Why is he spending his time in Rabaul? The people of Wewak voted you, not those in Rabaul. I call on the Ombudsman Commission to conduct an audit on the MP’s books. – Mangi Wewak, via email



ESP PPC biased
IN the recent peace talk in Haniyak village, I found the comments by the ESP provincial police commander totally biased. He said Haniyak village was the worst village along the highway. What a stupid statement. Is he trying to tell us that Maprik, Yangoru and the rest of Sepik districts are trouble-free areas? I cannot tolerate such an unprofessional attitude and I would be glad if we get a new PPC, someone who is genuine in his approach to deliver law and order measures, and show maturity and professionalism in his approaches. He has spoken to the people of Haniyak but has he spoken to the Yangoru people to stop threatening innocent lives? – Good citizen, Haniyak, ESP



Develop human resource
I CALL on Markham MP and Morobe Deputy Governor Koni Iguan to put more emphasis on human resource next year. Human resource is the backbone of the district and the country. He cannot develop the district if he fails to develop the human resource. He must not follow the short-term development policy of former MP Andrew Baing. Why waste money on trucks when there is no one to maintain and service them? I suggest he stops wasting money and use those funds to develop the human resource. Markham is said to be a pot of gold in agriculture and we want our people to develop our land. – GeeRaingz, Goroka



Another letdown
THE Fly River Students Association at the University of Goroka is frustrated and unhappy with the way the Fly River provincial government is handling the tertiary students’ assistance programme. It is sad to see that the allocation for University of Goroka has been delayed for the second consecutive year and paid towards the end of the year even though the list of students was submitted at the beginning of the year. This policy is good but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. – Fly River Students Association, Goroka



A disgrace
I REFER to your front page report yesterday. It is a disgrace that the Government cannot get its act right over a simple function like honouring our own people. What is the point of declaring a Fuzzy Wuzzy Day and then failing to allocate even a single toea for it? It is a shame that we cannot even honour our own heroes properly while the Australians have shown how it should be done. That was a big slap in our face. – Disgusted, Port Moresby