Awareness progressing well
AWARENESS on the coronavirus (Covid-19) is progressing well in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (Arob) but the health team needs funding to extend it further, a senior medical officer says. Buka General Hospital CEO Dr Tommy Wotsia said the funding would be used for logistics, printing of posters and pamphlets to distribute to health centres so that staff at those facilities could continue the awareness into the communities. He said a hotline (7446 0830) had been set up for the people of Bougainville to call if they had queries.

Air-freighter given permit
PNG Air says it has received authorisation from the Government to continue operating its dedicated Air-freighter during the 14-day travel ban. This service is strictly for air freight only (nil passengers) transporting essential freight such as fresh produce and medicine to keep communities supplied during the national lockdown period.

Authority receives masks
THE Immigration and Citizenship Authority of Papua New Guinea received K5,000 worth of three-ply facemasks and nitrile gloves on Tuesday, thanks to Sesago Health Care Ltd. Deputy Chief Migration officer John Taunakekei said with the coronavirus (Covid-19) issue, the support of the personal protective equipment (PPE) was timely and thanked company on behalf of the department.

Police set up check points
POLICE in the Highlands (Eastern end command) started setting up check points along the highway on Tuesday and carried out awareness to minimise and isolate the Covid-19 virus. Deputy ACP eastern end commander Joseph Tondop said the highway leading into Western Highlands, Jiwaka and Chimbu was being closely monitored by police.

University on lockdown
PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment’s (UNRE) Vudal campus in East New Britain has been locked down since Tuesday morning. According to Vice-Chancellor Dr Ponji Kitchawen, more than 1,000 people, including 688 students – the majority of them from other provinces – were unable to return home.

EHP stops gambling
EASTERN Highlands Governor Peter Numu says there will be no more gambling in the province as it causes people to congregate in groups. He said card games, pokies, high-low games and horse race betting establishments caused people to gather in groups. Numu said stopping gambling was one of the 10 resolutions his provincial executive council had passed as a health and safety measure during the national state of emergency period.

No more PMV services
THERE will be no more public motor vehicle services in Eastern Highlands except in emergency cases such as mothers in labour and for accidents. Numu said the provincial government had allocated K2.5 million to support the campaign against the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the nine districts.

Concern on items’ price
EASTERN Highlands Governor Peter Numu says he is willing to go from shop to shop to ensure owners do not increase prices of basic items. He said if any businesses were caught price hiking, they would be referred to relevant authorities.

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