Briefs, Letters

2012 campaigning has started
WHY are members of the coalition Government, especially the National Alliance, going about pleading for the public to re-elect their candidates in 2012? Why are ministers calling for stability? The Government is enjoying one of the best periods in PNG’s the political history. The power-hungry ministers and MPs are now the Government’s worst enemies. We all know that NA will come back in 2012, not because it is doing a good job but because it has the money and influence, and will be using all its resources in 2012. The sad reality is the majority of us are still illiterate and ignorant after 34 years. – Franco Wawen, via email



Juha in SHP
I REFER to the letter “Juha is not located in Southern Highlands but Western” (The National, Nov 3). There have been several similar statements, even from the Western provincial government, claiming that Juha is in Nomad LLG of Western province. As the principal landowner of Juha PRLl to PRL5, I would like to clarify that Juha is located in the North Koroba LLG of Topi and Omimi council wards in the Hela region of Southern Highlands province, which is several thousand kilometers away from the two provincial boundaries. This can be confirmed by National Mapping Bureau. – Nathan Malhot, Port Moresby



Provide training
IT is sad to read on the front page of The National (Nov 5) that 7,000 jobs reserved for Papua New Guineans will go to foreigners because of lack of skilled technical manpower. Why can’t the LNG developers provide training schemes for university graduates so that we can benefit instead of hiring foreigners? The LNG project is seen as a job opportunity for Papua New Guineans and we must not be left out. – Emma Pongopia, Port Moresby



Where are you, Kondra?
NORTH Fly MP Boka Kondra entered office in 2007 and, since then, has not returned from Waigani. The people of North Fly have read and seen on television about tangible developments taking place in other districts funded by their local MPs. The people of North Fly are still waiting for the MP to deliver basic services. We need more leaders like Bulolo MP Sam Basil who delivers and not like our MP who come up with garbage proposals. Enough is enough. – Sani Bolted, Kiunga



Build barracks in Kerowagi
THE Highlands people are famous for claiming compensation. As such, I call on the police commissioner to review the decision to build a police barracks at Ganigle in Lower Koronigle. The land allocated for the barracks at Ganigle is a customary land, not State land. I fear landowners will claim compensation once the barracks is built. I suggest the barracks be built at Kerowagi town on State land. – Kandekua Kaimane, Lae



Is PNG truly a Christian nation?
IT is sad to see PNG struggling to provide good living standards. Three years ago, our Prime Minister dedicated this country to the Lord when he promised to build this nation on Christian principles and values. One of the values is “giving”. But what we are seeing is “taking” among our leaders.  – Poro 2x5CT, via email



PNG must be prepared
I CALL on the Government to be ready for natural disasters as the global weather pattern has gone topsy-turvy in recent years. Although PNG is not one of the main contributors to the greenhouse gas emission, we are suffering because of developed nations. We have a lot of small islands and a slight rise in the sea level will cause disastrous consequences for our coastal people. – Robson Nunu’o Taotao, Port Moresby



Looking for Bubegu Andrew
I AM looking for Bubegu Andrew who is also known as Chuartz 212 from Madang. She completed her Grade 12 at Aiyura National High School in 2002. I can be reached at 7671 3515 or 548 3774 (office). – Zombie 201, via email