Briefs, Letters

Train our unemployed youths
I REFER to your report “No takers for 7,000 gas jobs” (Nov 5). Why did David Tibu have to make such a stupid remark? Is the Government saying we do not have one skilled worker? Please, there are so many Grade Eights and 10 school leavers who can be trained to become a welder, carpenter, etc. Right now, we have thousands of youths roaming the streets looking for a job. Don’t tell me our graduates from our vocational technical schools cannot be employed as welders, carpenters, plumbers, etc, in the project. While it is true that when Bougainville Copper Ltd started, there were not many skilled PNG workers but our citizens were quickly trained. We should do the same for LNG project. – My country, my people, via email



Don’t leave out others
IT was good to read that the PNG LNG developer has planned for a massive K150 million upgrade of POM Tech. This upgrade will benefit people living in Port Moresby but what about the bulk of the people who live in the Highlands and elsewhere? What about the Mendi Vocational Centre? The Nipa technical vocational school is run-down and it is within the LNG project areas. We don’t want a country full of labourers at the bottom of the pyramid while the top positions go to foreigners. If Papua New Guineans stand to benefit in some way, let it be our human resource. – Yako Tekopiri, Mendi



Zibe quick to point fingers
I REFER to your report about Health Minister Sasa Zibe blaming EU for the cholera outbreak in Morobe (Nov 5) and also for not working with the Health Department to implement rural water supply and sanitation programme in PNG. He should not blame others over his own failures. The minister should clearly specify what his long term plans are. There are hardly any preventive health activities by the department. I feel that NGOs are doing a good job promoting health and hygiene activities under EU funding. The minister should not be pointing fingers but direct his line departments to cooperate and work with the NGOs to deliver needed services. – CBO, Wewak



Parkop is a true leader
I admire the leadership of NCD Governor Powes Parkop. He must be commended for changing the image of Port Moresby. Our capital city was a mess but since Mr Parkop entered office in 2007, it has changed for the better. I am not a resident but a regular visitor to Port Moresby. From my observation, Port Moresby is sailing in the right direction under Mr Parkop. The governor has shown that he is an effective and committed leader. He also has a vision of how he wants the capital city to look like and is working hard to make it come true. – Admirer, via email



Sunglasses vital
I call on the people to wear sunglasses. The weather is getting hotter and it is now imperative for us to protect our eyes. Studies have shown that the sun can be harmful to our health. As such, wearing sunglasses is not to make us look cool but to protect our eyes. – Robson Taotao, via email



URP’s LNG connection
JUST what is the United Resource Party (URP) trying to do? It has Petroleum Minister William Duma on one end of the LNG negotiations and SHP Governor Anderson Agiru representing the landowners. Is there a hidden agenda? The Government should view this as a conflict of interest. With the creation of Hela province, it is highly probable that the MPs for the new province along with its new governor (quite possibly Mr Agiru himself) will all be URP members. The planning and strategy by URP will ensure that it is the next government, not NA. – Grass politics, Port Moresby



Thanks, Olga
ON behalf of the five councils from lower Kagul in the Tambul district, WHP, I would like to thank Governor Tom Olga for attending Winjaka to Koroka road opening. It is the first time he visited our remote home and committed K20,000 to fix the road. We appreciate the funds. – Anis Power, Mt Hagen