Briefs, National

2 LLG officers charged
INVESTIGATIONS into the affairs of Nimamar local level government on Lihir Island, New Ireland province, has resulted in the arrest of the president and the financial controller for misappropriating more than K450,000 belonging to the LLG. President Rudolph Tondop, 35, of Lipuko village, Lihir, and financial controller Philip Depis, 38, of Western Highlands province, were charged last week. New Guinea Islands divisional commander Francis Tokura said Tondop was charged with three counts of misappropriating K301,000 and was released on police bail. He was further charged with misappropriating K10,000. Mr Tokura said Depis was arrested and charged with conspiracy to defraud and misappropriating K150,000. The investigation into the Nimamar LLG was ordered last month by Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs Minister Job Pomat after receiving complaints by landowners about not receiving royalties from the LLG.



New tyres for H’way patrol
A LOCAL contractor on a work project in Kandep, Enga province, has helped police by donating six new vehicle tyres to Highway Patrol 16, which is based in Laiagam. The Laiagam policemen appreciated the assistance given by Raibro construction managing director to carry out their duty more effectively. Sgt Thomas Tipingi of the highway patrol said it was important that their vehicles were in good condition to be on the road to punish criminals and would-be lawbreakers. Sgt Tipingi said it was an embarrassment when they pull up vehicles on the high way to charge them for unroadworthiness when the police vehicles were no better. He said the tyres on the highway patrol vehicles had worn out long ago and were posing a threat to officers using them.



Course for managers
BUDDING private enterprise managers in the Pacific Islands took part in a successful skill course in Madang last week. The week-long course delivered by the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), was funded by the Commonwealth secretariat with assistance from the ACP-EU funded centre for development of enterprise (CDE). Three lecturers from Divine Word University’s faculty of business and information also assisted in the delivery of several of the topics on the invitation of the organisers with plans to retain the services of the university in the future. The course was tailored and delivered at the request of Euoros Capital Ltd for staff of Kula Fund, an investment fund in the region that Euoros has invested in.


Anglicare staff meet first time
ANGLICARE StopAIDS PNG staff members met for the first time in 10 years in Port Moresby last week to discuss their programme overviews and review ways forward. Anglicare StopAIDS PNG national director Dominica Abo said the gathering focused on all the main programmes and components which StopAIDS provides, such as care and counseling of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), education, prevention and awareness, condom advocacy and distribution and adult literacy programmes. Each of the main programme was presented by the managers and coordinators who cited transport and other logistics as some of their main problems.


Landowners take part in LNG
LOCAL participants in big impact project like the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project is more important than resource owners becoming spectators. Ousted MP and a candidate in the Kandep by-election Don Pomb Polye said he wanted to see locals actively involved in the nation building. Mr Polye said when he was re-elected, he would look more closely into the local content of the local economy by making sure than many Papua New Guineans become “billionaires and millionaires”. He said that he wanted to see many locals actively involved in shipping industry, construction and any other big projects coming up in the country.


No leads into ENB shooting
EAST New Britain police have yet to establish any leads into the shooting of a foreign businessman in Rabaul last week. Provincial police commander Supt Anthony Billie said no one had stepped forward to assist in the investigation. He said Lings Freezer manager Jackie Wong was believed to have been accompanied by two of his staff when he was shot near the Tavana-Vulcan area but neither of these persons had lodged a police report.