Briefs, Letters

Why the rush?
Issuing of gun licence to one of the three Asians on the same afternoon of Oct 29, when found to have none earlier in the day, is a symptom of bribery and corruption in Konedobu. How can this be? Is it a law enforcing arm of Government or entertainment arm? In normal circumstances, a Papua New Guinean would wait for months, if not years, to obtain a gun licence. I sympathise with the officers from Transnational Crimes Unit and Customs who did a good job only to be set back by a few corrupt officers at the police headquarters in Konedobu. They are a disgrace. – Roger sniper, Goroka



Bigger medical school needed
THE Papua New Guinea medical faculty is not big enough to cater for the many students who are applying to study medicine. The Government should look into this and build another medical school or expand the current one. There are many young men and women who have the potential to do well but because of limited space, many of them are not able to get a place. It is a known fact that PNG lacks doctors and the main reason is because our medical school has limited space. This is a shame and our leaders must act fast to correct this. – Robson Taotao, via email



Church must act
I REFER to your report “Colluding lawyer and clergymen blasted” (Oct 21). The two very senior elders of the church of Nazarene cannot go unchallenged. Rev Andrew Moime and elder David Tinemau have brought shame and disgrace to the good name of the church. For the two clergymen to make unethical claims against the State is evil and must not be tolerated by any member of the Nazarene church in PNG. The board should intervene and discipline the pair. – D. Gham, via email



Where is South Fly MP?
I WOULD like to know when the South Fly MP is going to fulfil his election promises. He has been in office for more than two years but the people have yet to see anything. The electorate does not have basic services such as roads, bridges, health, schools and clean water. The people are experiencing a dry spell right now and are in dire need of water. Soon, both humans and animals will drink from the same water wells or ponds. This is a reality but is the MP aware of this? – Jamie Namorong, Goroka



Stop misleading Engans
I DO not think it is right for Don Polye to campaign in Mt Hagen when the by-election is in Kandep. The people of Enga are not pleased with the decision to hold a rally in Mt Hagen. Is he representing Enga or Western Highlands? I am a proud Engan and I believe all matters that concern Enga ought to be debated in the province and not elsewhere. Mr Polye is pretty confident of winning the by-election. Is it because he has been tipped to be the next PM of PNG? I am eager to see what the results are once all the ballots are counted. – Tsak Pembe, Port Moresby



Polye a true leader
DON Polye decided to get a fresh mandate from the people of Kandep after he was disqualified by the court. Unfortunately, his political opponents have been trying to disrupt his campaign rallies. However, Mr Polye has shown great leadership by forgiving them. He even urged them to work with him should he win the by-election. We need more of such leaders who advise the supporters against intimidation and using threat or force.  Let the people exercise their democratic rights as enshrined in the Constitution. – Korokan Ales, Lae



Wise decision, Wilshere
I REFER to your report “Wilshere officially bows out”. I am glad that the Kumuls captain has decided to call it a day. It is always better leave on a positive note and what better way than winning the inaugural Pacific Cup and crushing the Cook Islands in the final. It must also be remembered that PNG won all its games in that tournament. How many sportsmen have we seen who didn’t know when to quit and then made a mockery of themselves in the process? Who can ever forget the has-been who let us down in the World Cup last year? – Sad Kumul fan, via email