Briefs, Letters

Where is Salt-Nomane MP?
I REFER to the letter “Kilau and Nomane need roads too, Menai” (The National, Nov 6) by “Dokta Yumane” of Kilau. I support the writer’s comments and would like to add a bit more. When I went to
Gerema-Dama and Obum to visit small scale miners, I had to walk all the way because the road ended at
Salt-Nomane. Many of the bridges are left with just the main frame. There are hardly any services like education, health, infrastructure, etc. Soon, everything will come to a standstill. Where is the MP? What is he going to do? What are his plans? He must tell the people who gave him the mandate how he plans to bring services, one step at a time. – Mangi Kama Basis, Wau



Developed Hela a dream
I AM doubtful the developed Hela province our leaders dream of is likely to materialise. The landowners are not talking about development projects but outstanding memorandum of agreement (MoA) money endlessly. Millions of kina have been given out so that landowners will sign on the dotted lines to enable the LNG project to go ahead. Of the millions handed out, how much has been used for development? How much has been diverted to education, health and roads? The people of Hela must remember that gas is not a renewable resource and is expected to run out within 30 years. – Fabian Kuku, Hoiebia village



Well done, O’Neill
IT was during my break in Port Moresby when I read about Pangia High School getting some computers and being connected to the internet. I was overwhelmed when I saw the headmaster going online. Well done, Peter O’Neill. Investing in the human resource and computer technology is the way to go. I call on Mr O’Neill to upgrade Pangia High to enroll Grades 11 and 12 so that we do not have to travel elsewhere to complete Grade 12. I appeal to the students, teachers and community to take ownership our school and look after the school properties and its equipment. Well done, Mr O’Neill, keep up the good work. – Jayombi Waka, Tabubil



Looking for Davis family
I AM trying to contact the Davis family (Peter and Karen, and their daughters Tanya and Teken). They left PNG around 1989. They were good friends of my parents, Sep Opal and Kang Sep. Mr Davis used to work for Veimauri Estate Rubber Plantation in Kairuku, Central province, as the divisional manager. I believe the Davis family are either residing in Queensland or New Zealand. If anyone in Australia or even PNG know where the Davises are, please let me know. I can be contacted via mobile # 7168 4269. – June Sep Ipiso, via email



Wrong decision
I REFER to the letter “Enough workers for LNG project” (Nov 9) by Raymond Kuai. I do not understand why the Labour secretary agreed to amend the Employment (Non-Citizens) Act to allow developers such as ExxonMobil and its joint venture partners, to bring in foreign workers. Is PNG really devoid of skilled workers? – Patriotic, Port Moresby



Parkop for PM
I REFER to the letter “Parkop is a true leader” (Nov 10). I think NCD Governor Power Parkop should be the next Prime Minister. The country needs more people like him to lead the country. PNG needs leaders like Mr Parkop, who is not a racist and who have the heart for the people. He is an ideal candidate to be the next PM. – Bata Robu, Wewak



Make it earlier, Digicel
I CALL on Digicel to review its promotion rates to an earlier time instead of 11pm. I know many people, including students, youths and their parents, are staying up late into the night because they want to capitalise on the lower rates. But they do not know that their health will be affected when they do not get enough sleep. I am a university student in Port Moresby and some of my mates are receiving calls and text messages even at 2am or 3am. They are disturbing other students who need to sleep. – Robson Taotao, Port Moresby