Briefs, Letters

Get rid of drunks, Unitech
I AM not sure if the Unitech administration is aware of this but some drunken staff members are going around causing nuisance and disturbing the peaceful community. We cannot get a good night’s sleep and cannot walk around freely anymore as many innocent people are being assaulted. I don’t know how and why these lunatics have been granted residency at the campus. If they cannot behave themselves, the housing council should remove them so they reside outside the campus. We have mothers, daughters and Christian staff members residing at the area and this type of disorderly behaviour is totally unacceptable. Can the Unitech authorities do something about this? – Concerned campus resident, Lae



Release funds for Fly students
THE students at the University of Goroka have only a few days before the end of the 2009 academic year and we are still waiting for our share of the education subsidy under the Fly River provincial government’s tertiary students’ assistance scheme. Every time we call the person responsible, we are told everything is ready and only needs a signature. How long does it take to get the person to sign? We are running out of time. We appreciate what Governor Dr Bob Danaya is doing and we hope he looks into our plight. – Jamie Namorong, Goroka



Looking for Barbra Schiffner
I am a pioneer teacher who negotiated to establish the Schiffner Primary School in honour of the late Pr Schiffner of Germany from the Helschbruk Lutheran circuit as a sister circuit with the Wantoat circuit in Morobe province. We would like to convey our condolences to Barbra Schiffner and her family for the untimely passing of her husband and one of our clergymen. I would like to contact Mrs Schiffner to present to her the latest progress on the development of the school. I can be contacted at [email protected]. – Tanny Dau, Goroka



Road works need supervision  
The road works being undertaken by a contractor at the junction of Pipit Street and Somare Crescent in North Waigani needs professional supervision. The quality of work and the drainage system being constructed do not appear to be up to standard. I call on the city authorities do something about it before we, the taxpayers, are forced to foot another bill for poor quality work at the same spot. – Taxpayer, Port Moresby



Build roads first
A Few months ago Eastern Highlands Governor Malcolm Kela-Smith invited investors to invest in horticulture in the province. Recently, his deputy John Boito mentioned something about inviting Taiwanese to grow rice in Norikori valley in Obura-Wonenara district. While I welcome the moves by our leaders, please address our real need by building proper roads. What is the point of inviting investors when they cannot even make a site visit? How will our farmers sell their produce when there is no road to send their produce to the market? – Hauslain man, Obura-Wonenara



Seal road to Owers’ Corner
I ALWAYS look forward to my Sunday drive to the Pacific Adventist University for its Sunday market. However, I have stopped making my regular trips there because I find the road condition getting from bad to worse. The potholes are growing bigger and the NCDC has done nothing to patch them up. I call on NCD
Governor Powes Parkop to do a proper job by upgrading, widening and sealing the road from Erima roundabout until Owers’ Corner. The NCDC can build sheds along the roads for our people to sell fruits, vegetables, etc,  to NCD residents looking for a weekend break or tourists. – Jonathan, Port Moresby



Mobile war
I HAVE been closely following the war between our two mobile phone providers. When Digicel started, it literally painted the country red. Within months, it captured a huge chunk of the mobile phone market while bemobile was caught napping. Now bemobile is fighting back and playing catch-up. However, I am not impressed as it is duplicating Digicel’s strategies. I think bemobile can do something better. But it has gone a step ahead by standardising its rates. – Gomla Yal, Port Moresby