Briefs, Letters

Thanks, De La Salle
ON behalf of Jacob Yowai and family, I would like to say thank you to every one who congratulated him for taking this year’s dux award through The National as he is unable to visit every one to say thank you. Our son could not have achieve this if De La Salle Secondary School did not allow him to return. At the end of last year, he got a transfer certificate to either Port Moresby National High School or Gordon Secondary School. After several attempts to find space in both schools were unsuccessful, we had no choice but to return to De La Salle. The principal, James Ume, accepted him with the help of Elizah Makem. We also take this opportunity to thank his subject teachers for their time and commitment. Finally, we would like to thank Digicel, BSP and other sponsors for making the award possible. – Jacob Wai, via email



What progress in Jimi?
I AM a frequent traveller to Jimi and travel extensively all the way to Tabibuga and Kol. I do not see PNG Power or mobile coverage. I do not see what you call true development. Sure, the Jimi highway is better now but there is no drainage. It will turn into a river when the next heavy rain hits Jimi and the road will become a mud track again. Our health centres are run down. Our classrooms are sometimes empty because there are no teachers to teach the kids fulltime. Illiteracy rate is still high. Tabibuga is a ghost town because the administrator operates in Goroka. Jimi needs a proper road and its human resources must be educated and developed. Only then will we see true progress. How can we sell our coffee, vegetable, timber, peanut, etc, when we do not have a proper road? – Kopun Jimi Omba Wio, via email



Buy breathalysers
I AM shocked to learn that 200 people are killed and 650 are injured in about 2,000 motor vehicle accidents annually in PNG. The statistics were released by MVIL during a campaign on “road safety” in Port Moresby this week. MVIL managing director Dr John Mua confirmed that most accidents were caused by drink driving. Now, the question is how much money will be spent on advertisements? I call on MVIL to team up with the traffic police and use the money to buy breathalysers and introduce them in Port Moresby, Lae and along the highways. Fine those who fail the test and I am confident you will recoup the investment on breathanalysers pretty fast. – procfis-moniantower, Port Moresby



Let Graham complete his job
THE bipartisan parliamentary committee into the May anti-Asian riots chaired by Jamie Maxtone-Graham must be allowed to continue with its job. It has made public what is going on in our Government departments. This is democracy and the media is doing the right thing by informing the people what is going on. We have to find a solution to the problem. The Government is now threatened by the way things are unfolding. As always, it is trying to sweep everything under the carpet. It seems the Government has been at fault since day one. This is a concern for everyone. The committee must be allowed to complete its inquiry. – BBI mudman, Goroka



Well done, Naru
EVERY businessman and woman should take a leaf out of this humble man’s book. He is always there when you have a genuine need. It is not a surprise when he came to the rescue of the Simbu team for the PNG Games. He has helped a lot of people and organisations during these trying economic times. He is no other than the principal of Kelly Naru Lawyers, Kelly Naru. May God bless him. – Your tribesman, Yalu village



BSP, a community friend
I WOULD like to commend BSP for its community involvement initiative and support this year. It has made a difference in the lives of our individuals and communities. Such initiatives have eased the burden and stress on the people. I believe BSP has some people with warm hearts that know how to connect with the people. BSP is much more than just a bank. Thanks, BSP. You are a friend of the community. – W. Hera, via email