Briefs, Letters

Time to ban alcohol
IT is time the Government acts decisively on alcohol in the country. Senior ministers have called for a ban on alcohol and the Opposition’s Dr Bob Danaya has supported them. So what is holding the NEC up? I remember a study headed by Prof Mac Marshall in 1981. It was commissioned by the Department of Justice under the then minister Nahau Rooney and titled “Through a glass darkly: Beer and modernisation in Papua New Guinea” published by NRI. Unfortunately, most of the recommendations never saw the light of day. Most provinces have their own liquor laws and are more concerned about generating revenue through licencing than about enforcement.  – T Soles, Hagereto village, Asaro, EHP



Team Simbu well supported
I WOULD like to commend Simbu Governor Fr John Garia, Gembogl MP Joe Mek Teine and two of the province’s great sons – Posman Kua of Posman Kua Aisi Lawyers and Kelly Naru of Kelly Naru Lawyers – who have supported Simbu in so many ways. How many times have they stepped in to help church and sports groups? Also chipping in to help Team Simbu to attend the PNG Games were many business houses, individuals and family members. As such, these athletes must give their best to win as many medals to make us proud. – Biangnuewec Sine, Mt Wikauma



Why showcase Pacific dances?
IT was really fascinating to see the colourful opening ceremony of the PNG Games at the Sir John Guise Stadium last Thursday night. Every activity at the opening was perfect, adding traditional flavours to it. However, I fail to understand why Pacific Islands dances were also included in the opening ceremony. It was really disappointing to see Papua New Guineans performing Cook Islands and Fijian dances. PNG has a very rich culture and tradition. So why didn’t we highlight them? This is the PNG Games, not Pacific Games.
Mangi PNG, via email



Looking for long lost daughter
I WOULD like to get in touch with my long lost child. Her name is Beverly. She would have completed her Grade 10 at a school in Lae. Her mother’s name is Suzie Elijah and I believed she could have been adopted by her aunt Lilly Elijah. If any reader knows Beverly, please contact me on my bemobile number 7613 9076. – Joseph M. Whycare, Sogeri



Rise in fees not right
I AM a current student of Lae Telikom Training College (TTC). I am disappointed that the school fees for a diploma course for next year have gone up to more than K16,000. The fees do not justify the lack of facilities at TTC. There is a lack of equipment for practicals in the electronics lab and there is no computer lab or library. As such, I find the increase unjustified. – Pipe, Lae



Probe medical supplies branch
I REFER to recent reports about the shortage of drugs in our hospitals, aid posts and the psychiatric hospital in Laloki. How can we be reading about the shortage of drugs one day and then read about medical drugs being disposed because they have passed the use-by dates another day? I call on the Ombudsman Commission and police to investigate the medical supplies branch and area medical stores. Something is definitely not right here. Health Secretary Dr Clement Malau should start an internal investigation. – Eagle’s view, via email



What international standard?
CORRECT me if I am wrong but I believe Papua New Guineans will be deprived of participating equally in the LNG project. This is because companies bidding for contracts and other spin-off opportunities must meet international standard. It annoys me greatly when I come across such stipulations. I believe this is an excuse to employ foreign firms and foreigners. How many companies owned by PNG citizens can meet this so-called international accreditation? Did our Government take this into consideration? It looks like we are going to lose out again. – Koare Konda Naki, Kutubu