John Pundari

Govt making tough decisions
FINANCE Minister Sir John Pundari says the Government has made tough decisions to ensure the people benefit most from their own resources despite the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic on the global economy. “When the Porgera mine’s old lease expired, this Government did not let it (the miner) to continue production despite our economy being hit by the Covid-19. Also, the gold price in the world market was high. This Government halted the renewing of licence until we got a better deal from Barrick,” he said.

James Marape

PNG ‘not severely’ affected
PRIME Minister James Marape says Papua New Guinea is not severely affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19). “You compare PNG with our neighbouring countries, we are doing much better. Neighbouring countries such Fiji, is now going through compulsory vaccination because their economy has been greatly affected. The Solomon Island’s economy is also affected by six per cent. So is Vanuatu with their economy affected by 27 per cent. Other countries in the Pacific are affected by the Covid-19.

James Donald

Let people vote PM, says MP
NORTH Fly MP James Donald suggested in Parliament recently for the prime minister to be voted directly by the people. “We need a reform after the 2022 General Election,” Donald said. “Since 1975, prime ministers are concerned with keeping the numbers than concentrating on development issues. When we have the prime minister voted by the people, then it will be the opposite. We need to amend the Constitution so that people can vote their prime minister.”

Salio Waipo

MP condemns verbal attacks
ANGORAM MP Salio Waipo says MPs should not verbally attack each other’s reputation when raising issues in the House. “Such personal attacks on each other affect our people because they elect us to be in Parliament,” Waipo said. “We are here for the common good of the people and that is to represent our people. So, if we have issues with another MP or a minister, then we should go and visit him in his office. Find out if he needs your help.”

John Simon

Rehabilitate mill, Simon says
AGRICULTURE Minister John Simon wants a rice mill in Central’s Kairuku to be rehabilitated. “The last time I was there (last Sept 7), I saw the mill overgrown by bushes,” Simon said. “So I gave some of my own money to the youths to clear the overgrown grass around the mill in Bereina station. Will return to check on the mill. There was funding allocated to revive that old rice mill,” he said.

Job Pomat

Speaker restrains Treasurer
PARLIAMENT Speaker Job Pomat interrupted to stop Treasurer Ian Ling- Stuckey from personal attacks on former prime minister Peter O’Neill. Ling-Stuckey continuously mentioned O’Neill’s name when presenting the 2020 final budget outcome and the mid-year economic fiscal outcome report in Parliament.

‘Tap into potential market’
YANGORU-SAUSSIA MP Richard Maru suggested in Parliament recently that the country tap into Indonesia as a potential market. Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Soroi Eoe hinted that the department would consider the option.

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