Briefs, Letters

Hard to love BSP
I REFER to the letter “Abolish dormant account policy, BSP” by “BSP customer” (Nov 24). I have been a customer of BSP for a long time. In September, I wanted to deposit some money into my Achiever Savings Account (Douglas Street) but was advised that the account no longer existed as it was “closed”. I could not believe this as I had about K1,100. All I needed to maintain this account was a minimum of K50. I went back and checked my last bank statement which showed that on Aug 29, 2008, the balance was K1,181.19. I have no idea how the account was closed and what happened to the money. With this experience, it is difficult to “Love my bank”. – Another BSP customer, Port Moresby



Team SHP an embarrassment
I WOULD like to express my dissatisfaction over the unethical acts of the athletes from Team SHP. They are supposed to be ambassadors of Southern Highlands province. In the opening remarks made by the NCD Governor Powes Parkop, he urged everyone to compete in a spirit of true sportsmanship and make as many friends as possible. However, Team SHP has brought a shame and embarrassment to the province and Southern Highlanders in Port Moresby when its athletes, in uniforms and drunk, caused havoc at the Erima market. If that was not enough, several of the players were disqualified for turning up late because they were drunk. What a shame! – Irene Apa, Port Moresby



EC made a wise decision
I AM pleased that the counting of Kandep by-election will be done in EHP. The EC made a wise decision to move the counting from Kandep to Mt Hagen and then to Goroka. Whilst we are happy to host the counting, we appeal to our brothers in Kandep not to allow the spill-over effects to continue into EHP soil. The people of EHP do not blow up or hijack ballot boxes, threaten EC officials, etc. The question that begs to be asked is – are we going to see more trouble in the 2012 elections? The EC has a lot of work to do. – Friend of Kandep, via email



Why copy others?
I WOULD like to support those who commented about Fijian and Samoan dances being performed during the opening ceremony of the PNG Games last week. Do these people know that PNG has got more to offer in terms of our cultural variety than just trying to copy others? There is a sad trend if we are to copy other cultural dances from other Pacific countries. This is obviously from watching too much music videos on TV. It is likely that our traditional arts and dances will be lost for good if this trend continues. – Emarailas, Port Moresby



Falcon a waste of money
LIKE many Papua New Guineans, I find it a waste of time, effort and resources to purchase a Falcon jet for K112 million when we cannot even fix and maintain our existing infrastructures like roads and bridges, not to mention the degrading health services especially when cholera is on the rise. Statistics show that more than 120 people are dying in a day in our hospitals from curable diseases. We could have used that money to save lives, buy drug supplies and upgrade our roads. As a taxpayer, I find it hard to swallow as my money is being thrown into an endless pit. – Gideon Maim, Yandera



Poor decision
AS a taxpayer, I find the decision to buy a Falcon jet for K112 million a total waste of money. A fraction of that amount could have been used to seal all the craters and potholes in Lae. The decision to buy the executive jet, which can only sit a handful of people, has left a bad taste in my mouth and no amount of rinsing will clean it. Can you imagine how the Port Moresby General Hospital or Angau Memorial Hospital would be if K60 million is used to upgrade, improve and buy the latest medical equipment? Can you imagine how many lives both hospitals could save? – Disgusted, Lae



Shed some light on PEASF fund
I CALL on the managers or administrator of PEASF fund to tell us what is happening. I have been a member since its inception. Six years ago, I requested to cease as a member. Till today, I have not receive any word about my request nor have I seen even a single toea. – H. Siamoli, via email