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Ego and Falcon go hand in hand
SO the Falcon has landed. As you pointed out in your editorial (Nov 26), there are indeed “far more pressing needs” in this country than an executive jet. No doubt the decision to buy such a luxury was reached in an NEC meeting. Perhaps the jet agenda was raised and approved immediately after the “elder statesman of the Pacific” was embarrassingly searched at Brisbane International Airport. Regardless, K100 million seems too much of a price for our poor struggling nation to pay for the ego of a few in the Government. I hope the Grand Chief and his merry ministers read the editorial. I would dearly love to see a credible rebuttal. – Looking to migrate, Wau



Sheer waste of money
THE nation has seen and read about the new Falcon executive jet. Now we have to ask ourselves what the Government has achieved in the last 30 years or so to deserve this. I know others have been asking similar questions as to why the Government has to spend such a massive amount on a bunch of pompous politicians. We have been ranked 130th most corrupted country in the world, yet our inconsiderate leaders went ahead and purchased an expensive toy. I pay more than K100 in income tax every payday. I expect my money to be used for nation-building, not to serve a bunch of self-serving people. – Illuminati, via email



Anywhere except Goroka, EC
AS an Eastern Highlander, I support the calls made by Goroka MP Thompson Harokaqveh and Member for Obura-Wonenara and EHP Deputy Governor John Boito for the counting of Kandep by-election be held elsewhere. The Goroka lord mayor has also written to Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen about it. The people of EHP urge Mr Trawen to move counting elsewhere. It is not in our interest to see disturbances in our peaceful town. We value our peace very much. – Charles Ifu, Yamox, Watabung, EHP



Inconsiderate move by Basil
I AM disappointed with the call to remove Speaker Jeffery Nape by Member for Bulolo, Sam Basil (The National, Nov 26). He was quoted as comparing the Parliament to a Simbu hut and I quote “We are not talking about a Simbu hut, this is the Parliament … “ This is an insult to us that have village hut. We are proud of our culture. You cannot compare a Simbu village hut or any traditional house around the country with a modern Parliament building. While you may not find a plasma TV in our village hut, it provides a roof over our heads. Mr Basil’s comment was childish and inconsiderate. – Newam, via email



Get real, Nape
I REFER to your report “Improvements come to Simbu” (Nov 25). Speaker Jeffery Nape gave K10,000 to an elementary school and a new vehicle to a primary school. This is obviously an attempt to gain political mileage. If he is really genuine, then he should do the same for all elementary and primary schools in Sinasina-Yongomugl. – Sonofsimbu, via email



PNG youth need role models
PAPUA New Guinea is going through an interesting period in its short history since Independence. Overall we have done quiet well compared to many countries. It was always going to be a challenge for a very small percentage of the educated to take over from the Australians. With all the wealth from our natural resources, we are capable of investing in our youths. But we have to be wise when it comes to spending. We must always get value for our money. I think our biggest challenge is to be honest. Our children are watching, so we have to be good role models. If we can make these few changes, then we can go a long way. – Chris Rehder, Brisbane



Thanks, Parkop and PPL
I WOULD like to congratulate NCD Governor Powes Parkop and PNG Power for reinstalling all the street lights at Morata Two suburb last week. I am very happy to see families and friends walking about freely instead of staying behind locked doors once the sun goes down. Crimes are usually committed in dark places. Many people are praising the governor and PNG Power for taking this long-overdue initiative. Keep it up.  – Roger K, Port Moresby