Briefs, Letters

Blackouts back in Lae again
JUST three weeks after being given an ultimatum by Morobe Governor Luther Wenge, Lae city is again hit by blackouts. We went without electricity between six and eight hours in the last four days. Can the PNG Power management in Lae come out and tell us what is happening? We have a system called “pay before use” and not “use then pay”. But now it is more like “pay before use also useless”. PNG Power cannot simply cut electricity without notifying us. If the management cannot do a simple thing like that, I do not think they are fit to run the company. Christmas is coming soon and we want a good festive season with lights. But I am afraid PNG Power will bring us darkness this Christmas. – Frustrated user, Lae



GG right to blast leaders
I SUPPORT the comments made by the Governor-General (Dec 2) regarding Lae roads. It is obvious that we have a leadership problem in Morobe. Is it fair that the people should suffer because the leaders do not see eye to eye? It is very shameful to stick your noses to other provinces without cleaning your own backyards first, Luther Wenge and Bart Philemon. While I am ashamed, I am also very grateful to Sir Paulias Matane for ticking off our leaders. I hope the next time Sir Paulias visits Lae, he will have a smoother ride. Now, please patch up the craters and potholes. – Disgusted Morobean, Lae



Get real, Wenge
WE appreciate the concern raised by Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane regarding the state of Lae roads . It seems the governor, who is supposed to be leading the province, prefers to spend his time
criticising other governors and refugees issues instead of cleaning his own backyard first. Please leave the issue on refugees to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Get real, Luther Wenge. When are we going to see the floating hotel at the Raunwara next to the old airport and the railway tracks you have promised us?  – Civil pawa, Lae



Looking for old string bands
I AM a fan of old PNG string band music. I am interested in three cassettes: Lagemark Band – Siassi Island (Morobe province); Wipers Band – Bamboo Band (Dagua, ESP); and Hornets of Assisi – Original Volume 1 (Oro province). I can be contacted at 542 3860, 76337696 (mobile) or 542 1893 (fax). – Jimmy Ipata, Mt Hagen



Probe school’s account
I CALL on the EHP provincial administrator to immediately set up an independent team of investigators to investigate the financial affairs of the North Goroka Primary School accounts. I believe there is misuse of the school’s funds. It seems the Education officers at Yanepa building are aware of what is going on but are too scared to raise the matter. As such, I call on the provincial administrator to step in. I have seen this going on for too long and cannot take it anymore. It would also be a good idea if the Fraud Squad is brought in too. – Mr Down Under, Goroka



Unfair charges
I WRITE on behalf of the street boys and girls in the Highlands. We agree with letters to the editor saying that bemobile should not be charging us when we check our balance by dialing abc or 1250. It is only fair that we are charged when our calls are connected but not for checking balance. I appeal to bemobile do something about this policy. – Tonny K, via email



Act against Public Curator
I REFER to the series of PAC reports on the office of the Public Curator. What I am keen to know is when will action be taken against the Public Curator and the key players in that office? To say that the reports published by The National is damning would be a understatement. As a victim of the office of the Public Curator, I can only concur with the reports and recommendations by the PAC. But when will the authorities take action? Their negligence has cost the State millions of kina. – Victim, Goroka