Health is priority
THE Nipa-Kutubu district development authority gave priority in 2014, as stipulated under section 47 of the Oil and Gas Act, to health than education and had funded several health centres to improve infrastructure. MP Jeffery Komal, who is also the deputy Speaker, said in the past, he had given priority to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions and now has switched it to health because the DDA has improved a lot of education infrastructures.

Peace at last
SOUTHERN Highlands is beginning to experience peace through the hard work of the acting provincial administrator Joseph Cajestan after two disasters struck the province, says a community leader. Tupi Tiamanda, from Longo village on the outskirts of Mendi town, said that through Cajestan’s leadership, many public servants were back at work and there was stability. He said the province needed God fearing leaders who would work hard to change the province’s image and Cajestan should remain as the provincial administrator.

MP support stand
NIPA-KUTUBU MP Jeffery Komal is looking forward to supporting the Southern Highlands government’s priority to strengthen law and
order in the province and has allocated funds to build a courthouse and recruit reserve police. He said development took place when there was peace and the district development authority would build a district house and recruit reserve police.