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Get facts right
I WOULD like to commend EM TV rugby league commentators Mark Sapias, Stephen Dawanincura and Dadi Toka Junior. You were excellent. However, since EM TV is unable to display the countdown clock on the screen, may I suggest you update viewers regularly on the time remaining in a half/match? During the PNG-Tonga match, the commentators correctly noticed that the Tongans were tiring in the Port Moresby heat. One commentator said: “I cannot understand this because Tonga is in the tropics, therefore, the Tongan players should be conditioned to this kind of heat”. Actually, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa and Cook Island are further south of the equator than Port Moresby, Townsville and North Queensland. Therefore, they have cooler climates than Port Moresby. – Michael Kiap, Port Moresby



Please seal roads, Parkop
WE call on NCD Governor Powes Parkop to tell us when the road from Nine-Mile market up to McGregor Police Barracks will be sealed. We also urge him to do something about the roads that have been graded but left unsealed as the dust produced by passing vehicles is a health hazard. One example is Gerehu stage six Waikele market. Please seal the road Mr Parkop. And by the way, why is the Member not doing anything about this too? – Gerehu 6 Nien, Port Moresby



Police brutality disgusting
IT is disgusting to read and hear rogue police beating up innocent citizens of this nation. Police, CIS and Defence departments are said to be disciplinary force and yet many police personnel are undisciplined. I call on the police commissioner to make sure these rogue cops are treated according to the law because they have taken the law into their own hands. – HenrYL, Lae 



Shameful behaviour
IT is really disappointing and embarrassing to see leaders of a local rugby league club instigating the fight at Goroka rugby league grand final while their team is leading with six minutes left on the clock. The fight caused many innocent rugby fans to become injured. I called on Goroka league officials to suspend those responsible. – Palmen, Goroka



Wake up, Kundiawa MP
I REFER to the letter “Kundiawa MP yet to deliver services” (Oct 27). Recently, I had to make a trip to Gembogl. It was a sickening back-aching trip as the road was like a pig’s track. This district hosts Mt Whilhelm and it attracts tourists from all over the world. But the road’s condition paints a bad image for PNG. I can only salute the people in the district who are determined to make ends meet regardless of this poor road condition. Leaders must wake up and visit their electorates more often. I wonder how they will feel if they have to bring important visitors to their electorates. A great leader always stands up for his people rather than for himself. – Concerned traveller, via email



Play your part, ICCC
IT seems the ICCC is not an independent body that is supposed to fairly look at and arbitrate disputes between the telecommunications companies in PNG. Why is it favouring Digicel in the interconnecting rates? Can Telikom PNG take the dispute to the court and ask for redress? Samoa court ordered Digicel to repay Samoa Telecom monies Digicel unfairly got paid in a similar situation. – Matt Kahen, Port Moresby



Is bemobile a truly national?
I AM sick and tired of seeing Telikom advertisements referring to Digicel as a foreign entity. We know that but aren’t you also hiding the fact that bemobile is also part foreign-owned? Since Digicel came to PNG, it has truly connected PNG – from urban centres to remote areas within two years. How much did Telikom achieve in more than 40 years? Don’t give excuses for your inability to deliver. – Santos, Port Moresby



Ghost bemobile numbers?
SINCE early last month, I have not been able to reach any bemobile number from overseas. I was told to put the digit 7 before the number but with or without it, I still keep on getting the recorded voice saying the number does not exist. Please resolve this problem, bemobile. Even though the call is not successful, I am still being charged. – Fed up, via email