Briefs, Letters

Elementary education vital
THE Government’s launch of the UBE plan is good news for the disadvantaged bulk of school-aged children who are at home due to school fee problem, shortages of classrooms, etc. As a parent, I am happy to be relieved from the burden of school fees. However, the next set of questions raised is do we have the facilities like classrooms and teachers to cater for the new intakes? We do not want our children to be in overcrowded classrooms where they will not learn properly. Early learning at elementary level is the vital first step to education. The Government must build new classrooms and train new teachers so that our children are not left out due to lack of space or shortage of teachers. – Bataphyll, Asaro



Buck up, Karimui DA
THE Karimui district administrator must pull up his socks. At the moment, his performance is not up to the people’s expectation. He has failed to deliver services or implement policies. If he has a proper system, then there is no reason why he cannot deliver the much needed services. There is no need for him to carry computers and cheque printing machines to Kundiawa to do everything. This is unacceptable as I believe this can be done on Karimui. Because of the administrator, I have seen many people from Karimui leaving their wives and children behind to chase their claims in Kundiawa and some do not even come back. It is time for him to do everything in Karimui. – Aba Wabo Hweh, Karimui



Tewai-Siassi MP missing
WHERE is the Tewai-Siassi Member of Parliament? It has been two and half years since he was elected into office but the people have yet to see even one of the MP’s promises. When is he going to present his development plans? He has gone into hiding somewhere in the city, enjoying life while his people back home are suffering and recently dying from dysentery. It is time for him to come back to the district and put up his headquarters at Sialum. Why can’t he be like Bulolo MP Sam Basil, who is bringing development to his people. Now that is an MP worth voting for. – Concerned , Tewai-Siassi



Well done, Olga
Western Highlands Governor Tom Olga must be commended for exposing the corrupt practices of the past provincial governments. The previous provincial governments did nothing for the province. The so-called third city was a tribal fighting zone, rubbish was pilling up in the heart of the city and roads were in bad condition. Since taking over, Mr Olga has slowly cleaned up the place. The people can see for themselves what is happening and we are behind Mr Olga. – John Koim, Mt Hagen



Telikom lacks creativity
Telikom’s advertisements are not only unattractive but unrealistic. What it should do is use our Kumuls to dress up in normal working clothes, uniforms and promote the products, not in sports jerseys. I cannot relate to the phrase “Ready when you are …”. I think it is meaningless. Why not “We are ready, are you?” Telikom PNG must do more market research, surveys and analysis before coming up with advertisements and slogans. This will then become its strategy. – 9-Mile Mero, Port Moresby



Easier said than done
I REFER to your editorial “Drug abuse is a serious problem” (Oct 26). Cracking down on illegal drugs is easier said than done. Attempts to limit the supply of drugs while demand remains constant only increase the profitability of drug trafficking. Take for example the US. Police searches, drug-sniffing dogs and random drug testing have led to a loss of civil liberties and yet, still failing miserably at preventing drug use. – Robert Sharpe, Washington, DC



Leave Goi alone
I AM delighted with the good job Jimi MP Wake Goi is doing. Although he is a first time MP, he has brought developments to the electorate. It is great to see many projects such as water supply, foot bridges, electricity, road and bridge construction, upgrading schools and health services, purchasing of vehicles, etc, going on. As such, I urge the politically motivated people not to disturb our MP. You can do that when campaigning in the 2012 elections. – Concerned Kopun, Goroka