Briefs, Letters

Where are the funds?
I REFER to the K3 million allocated by the Government for the rehabilitation of coffee industry. Since the announcement, we have received nothing. This means coffee growers in the village level have not benefited. I don’t know about other districts, but for those of us from Obura-Wonenara district, there is nothing. The district is the leading coffee producer in the country and the Government must consider the matter seriously. PNG used to export some 1.2 million bags of coffee a year, but now, we are exporting only 800 bags. K3 million is not enough. The Government, if it is serious, needs to inject more money straight to the coffee growers in the village level and no one else. – Observer, Lae


Say ‘no’  to asbestos
THE concern raised by Dr Mathias Sapuri regarding the use of fibro and fibro products in the building industry should be taken seriously. The use of fibro should be banned in PNG to protect our people. We have heard and seen enough on TV what asbestos has done to many people in Australia. It is obvious that some builders are using the authorities’ ignorance as an excuse to continuously use fibro in many parts of the country. It is time to say no to the use of fibro in PNG. – Sawa Nalum, Port Moresby


Thanks, Bishop Raich
THE UPNG Catholic students and graduates share the loss of a great spiritual leader in Bishop Herman Raich. He worked hard to provide basic vital services to the people of Enga. We are grateful to him for setting up many schools and hospitals in the province. Many Engans are successful because of his leadership in running these institutions and ensuring the best education and health services are delivered. He served not only the Catholics but all Engans one way or the other. His death will be felt by every Engan.  He served the province with distinction and we salute him. Rest in peace, Bishop Raich. – Charles Kaki, Port Moresby


Congrats, Gurias
ON behalf of the East New Britons in Port Moresby, I would like to congratulate the Gurias for winning the inaugural bemobile Cup. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank major sponsor Agmark Pacific. We hope you will continue to back the team. Team manager Ted Vere, coach Michael Marum and the coaching staff must be commended for their commitment to the team. The hard work paid off with the Gurias bagging both the minor and major premierships. Keep up the classic and disciplined football that we, the fans, have come to love. – Gurias die-hard, Port Moresby


Well done, Gurias
I WOULD like to congratulate the Gurias for winning the bemobile Cup. The boys have made all the Radaazians proud thanks to Purkiukil, Matalau and all the boys. Special thanks to Romalus Mago. – Raqs original, Port Moresby


Resolve RPNGC woes
IT is good that our policemen and women will receive pay rise and other significant benefits. Police throughout the nation are excited. However, is it going to really help them to perform effectively and efficiently? What the Government is doing is like rescuing a sinking ship by refuelling it while the holes are not being plugged. Unless the holes are sealed, the ship will sink. What is the use of increasing salaries but existing problems are not being resolved? – Masta Goive, Lae


Right to protest against park
I SUPPORT the decision of the people staying in the PMIZ area to protest against the industrial park. While I may be a fringe dweller (10km away), I support the people’s contention that there will not be any real benefit for them to look forward to. Many of the local people are employed by RD Tuna, including some women from my village. The pay is low and they work long hours. As a result, the people’s standard of living has remained poor. Ten canneries are expected to be set up. I doubt there will be any difference except to magnify the problems by a factor of 10. – Supporter, Port Moresby