Bring back eye in the sky


EYE in the sky needs to be revived to help curb the increase in crime in the country.
Eye in the sky has played a pivotal role in fighting crime.
The current spike in crimes in Papua New Guinea is very alarming.
The Eye in the sky police helicopter is needed now.
The recent brutal attacks and killings that occurred along the Hiritano Highway near Doa plantation were nasty and uncalled for.
Three lives were taken.
The three Highlanders were mercilessly murdered in broad daylight in front of their families, friends, fellow passengers and bystanders.
There were some police officers with guns but were unable to intervene and stop the attackers for some unknown reasons.
The shortage of police manpower has resulted in inefficient handing of crime.
The police need to beef up their capacity in order to effectively deal with crime.
Their reaction and response time should be quick in the cases of armed hold ups and fights.
With Eye in the sky, the police may be able to respond in time.
The police helicopter will guarantee the safety of rural and substation police personnel who may be outnumbered at times.
Some of our police officers are not able to effectively maintain law and order because they fear that they could be overpowered by the communities they serve.
That’s where Eye in the sky comes in. It is one way people’s trust and confidence in the Government can be restored through the police.
If the Government is concerned about its people, it should spend money on their security.
It needs to boost police presence especially in the air for people to feel safe knowing that the Government is up in the skies watching over them. The Government should have four police helicopters for each regions.
By doing so, it will help lessen some of our ongoing criminal activities.
Even though it’s costly to have police helicopters, it will do well for the people.
The Government has to protect its vulnerable citizens.

Maru Igabi

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