Bring back glory days of EHP


THE time to elevate the performance ranking of Eastern Highlands from near last to within the top five is now.
Peter Numu and Samson Akunai, as the political and public service administrative heads respectively, have that assignment of bringing back the glory days of Eastern Highlands.   The acumen of both leaders is notable and is expected to tell in the ensuing years.
The development agenda for Eastern Highlands and how it shall be done is in their hands.
They need to be mindful of the many opportunists who are overly concerned about “who is in and who is out” from top government and political offices, mostly for selfish reasons They are conspicuous within the Yanepa Building.
The governor and provincial administrator have a mammoth task ahead in revitalising the public service delivery mechanism.
Perhaps the first and foremost agenda would be in setting up a task for those on the government’s payroll to simply “bend down and pull up their socks”.
For some of us, the battle for supremacy has just about ended and the greater need to serve is perhaps paramount now.
Congratulations to Numu and Akunai.

Numutokave Enuffizenuf, Via email

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