Bring ID work to us: Locals

The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

THE Government’s National Identification (NID) project can become successful if it partners with village magistrates and councillors in educating rural people, a magistrate from Mt Hagen says.
Gomis village court magistrate Setu Tau says magistrates and councillors are very close to the people.
“They can communicate effectively in making people understand what the NID project really is.”
He said people in the rural areas did not really understand the NID and would not cooperate in registering themselves.
“It’s a new system, people have different opinions about it. A mother in the village may understand it differently from a civil registry officer in town,” Tau said.
“The most unlearned mother must be educated through awareness about the system to clear her doubts, she must be made to appreciate NID as something of common good.”
Tau urged the Government to work with the younger magistrates and councillors throughout the country by providing them training to feed people necessary information about NID.
“Magistrates and councillors are the bridge between government and people. They are with the people every day. The community has trust and confidence in them.
“Whatever they say, people believe and obey. It would be wise if government works very closely with us to speed up the NID project,” Tau said.
He commended the Government and National Planning and Monitoring Minister Charles Abel for taking the lead in the NID concept.
“This is not an evil system as many may think. It is not 666 or getting the mark of the beast. It is about making things easier, safe, effective and convenient, makes our life easier, safe from theft, attack or fire.
“The ID that you get will enable you to access any service anywhere and save costs, time and resources. It’s simple as that.
“NID will bring banking, health care, travel, education and other government services much closer to the doorsteps of Papua New Guineans.
“There is no need to be scared or panic about bad things happening to us or our identities sold to devil Satan.”
“I believe government should work together with magistrates and councilors which would greatly help in taking the project to people around the country.”