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PRIME Minister James Marape has dared Opposition Leader Belden Namah and Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill to move a motion of no confidence against him because they will fail.
“We have more than 90 MPs associated with the Pangu Pati-led government. (And) most of the 111 MPs are (now) busy preparing for the 2022 general election (and do not wish) to be enticed by this duo,” Marape said in a statement yesterday.
“MPs are not keen on causing instability in the country through yet another no-confidence vote (by) Namah and O’Neill.”
Namah said he would move a motion of no confidence against Marape when the 18-month grace period for a new government ends on Nov 30.
Parliament is expected to sit next month for the tabling of the 2021 National Budget.
Marape was responding to Namah’s statement that the motion of no confidence was a “reality check”.
“A reality check on what? If he is referring to numbers, he can test them if he wants to as the prime minister’s seat is not my birthright,” Marape said.
He described Namah and O’Neill as “strangest of bedfellows, the stuff of a Hollywood blockbuster, who should carry out a reality check on themselves”.
“In 2011, O’Neill took over power from Sir Michael Somare while he was on his sick bed in Singapore with his henchman Namah storming the courthouse and chasing out an esteemed judge,” Marape said.
“Their political marriage, however, was short-lived as they divorced.
“It is ironic that O’Neill was locked up by police earlier this year because of a complaint by Namah six years ago.
“However, Namah was first to meet him outside the cell and was all apologetic.
“The worst of enemies are now the best of friends, or so it seems.”
Marape said his government was trying to clean up the mess created by O’Neill in the past eight years.
“Over the past 18 months, we have been busy cleaning up the dark clouds of gloom, doom and despair of the O’Neill era,” he said.
Marape was finance minister in the O’Neill cabinet but resigned in April last year.
Namah said the motion of no confidence was to remove Marape who came into office on May 30, 2019.
The 18-month grace period is expected to end on Nov 30.
“So far, (Marape) has delivered nothing,” Namah said.
“He failed to set the foundation to take back PNG to make it the first richest black Christian country in the world in 10 years’ time as he promised doing his maiden speech.
“His 18 months in the office was nothing but just a talk show.”


  • Money moves people, both good and bad characters.
    When money whispers, even the hearing impaired react.
    MPs stand to benefit 100% with a VONC than without one.
    Briefcase boys are already loaded and waiting.
    It will happen and any could become PM.
    Expect the unexpected.

  • Self-interested politicians. Tingim pot bel blo upla, no love for the country and the future of our children.

    At least some very strong decisions were made by PMJM in his few months in office regarding our natural resources. Nothing like that has been done in the last 45 years. Just imagine, if it was not for PMJM, most of these natural resources would now be gone to the foreigners and only few pot bellies will be benefiting from these resource projects.

    Just give another term to the Pangu Pati, they will make things work, not for few minority but for the country as a whole.


  • Mr.Namah you seems to talk alot but,you words doesn’t have any weights to it-let me tell you,you don’t even know the system of politics and the cultural background of the highlands region,,,their customs is like this,exaple when someone kills a pig and gives you the head that means he owes you now so in later on when you happen to kill a pig you must still repay him with not other body parts of the pig but the head and he will satisfy.That mentality is growing bigger in the highlands region and it passed on from generations to generations,,now that you team up with you great enemy Peter O’neill,he will just use you as a opposition leader to topple the current government to gain power and then he will betray you again….so simply learned from your past and never compromise with PO anymore..stand firm clear yourself as a opposition leader..but right now png are full supporter of JM and his government so stop wasting your time talking about moving motion of no confidence against this current government….

  • Who will be the alternate PM? Neither ON or BN. Both have been implicated for breaking laws of the country. This is pure jealousy. there’s no issue to move a VONC. PMJM PNG is with you until the next general election.

  • PMJM has made history with the takeover of PJV by KMHL. That’s something no PM in PNG has done. He has implemented what he said was going to do. He is no puppet to outside influence. He is making the move to make PNG the richest black nation on earth.

    Hopefully BN and PO dont try to hijack, or take over the PM seat like they both have done in the past.

    If PO and BN are very desperate they can convince POs tribesmen BG Toropo for a military coup otherwise the ball is in PMJM court.

    God bless PMJM and PNG

  • Can this paper do a referendum on this very issue, whether people support a vote of no confidence in the current Prime Minister?
    It appears majority of the PNG literate population support Prime Minister James Marabe so if that is the case, there is no point in moving a vote of no confidence, hence, wasting precious time and resources.

  • Well stated PM Honourable James Marape, Mr Peter O’Neil rise to PM position in 2011 was done in suspicious circumstances. There was not one hint of respect to the founding father of our nation Sir Grand Chief papa Somare who at the time was on leave seeking medical attention. And for that matter also to his political party National Aliance, he PO did not respect the party members. So National Aliance you have a score to settle with PO for rubbishing you in 2011, for his own personal gain and agenda. Yes of course with his good member brother Mr Beldan Nama. PO and BN PNG at this time need stability and this begins at the Political level, not only that we all need to stand strong in our faith and believe personally for without acknowledging Almighty the Most High God YAHWEH our expectation for a better PNG will remain the same. God bless PNG

  • After going thru all the comments above, not one single comment is for the VoNC. All against. So if BN and PO truly want to move that VoNC, than think again. The people are NOT with you.

  • Well said PMJM. PO became PM illegally and came to limelight. P0 will never be the PM again. He has the history of stealing from us, NPF, Investment corporation, PNGBC etc. POs name is written all over in those investigations. Melanesian culture does not recognize adult thieves to become leaders. Once you fallen from grace, you’ll have to follow our cultural norms and values to regain respect, recognition again. I have seen and read BN and PMJM have openly said sorry if they had done something wrong or hurt anyones feelings. This is Melanesian culture of real leadership qualities in our context. NEVER heard PO said sorry or at least acknowledge his wrongdoings. A leader of such character is not honorable in the melanesian context and he was rejected and he will never govern again.

  • PANGU built, builds and unites PNG. Any other Parties, are picky backing on PANGU from day of history of this young nation.
    PNC wrecked and continue to wreck and still from the toil PANGU laid and labored. PNC started with the founder late Bill Skate, god father of POM’s underworld wrecked and cursed.
    How would one thinking MP team up with a Party that wrecked the nation? Not only wrecked but Stolen from the Public and make the public labor for the next 20+ years?
    Therefore, PNC party is for corruption bankruptcy and dictatorship.
    No PNG trust PNC either now or in the future.

  • I think Namah and ONeil are quite right. We had confidence in JMarape at the first place but when he ignored basic necessary services like Education and Health which the ONeil government has prioritised, we are beginning to loose confidence on J Marape now.

  • The very good example was Goroka open election recently, so they voted Pangu, the people this country wants JMPM for 10years or more to change PNG, the first black richest christian nation, by year 2022 all electrorate members will be pangu parti only, we people of PNG dont want MPs who put their hands at the back of foriegn companies for money and shares. We want Tru Leaders for this nation and the people PNG.

  • Namah,……tuple brothers ya na noken tin taim yup last Kasim government bai ol larim yu,……….

    Morobe tu nogat blip more lo Pangu na party blo Sam Basil na BK tu….all the best.

    Tax payer

  • I am in awe since for the first time, I haven’t heard any reasonable complaints about PMJM from anyone…. I strongly believe Papua New Guinea is with PMJM…. And people will show this in 2022 General Election…. Moreover I hope Pangu screen and choose their candidate carefully…
    Prime Minister James Marape is a Great Leader… He is not like some insecure politicians who is power hungry and think the PM’s office is their birthright, by electing their own family member as the defence force commander, just to remain in power….. Papua New Guinea beware!! PO and BN are two desperate individuals…. We all know, it is obvious that PO and BN are together just because they need numbers to topple the Marape Government and incur chaos, so that they can easily move MPs and form a new government. But sorry tumas… That will not happen….

  • People of PNG must think very carefully, what James Marape means by take back PNG. The first step PM did was ( cleaned mesh for the PM like PO etc…two power hungry politicans can you twos give good advice JMPM rather then fighting like husband & wife at the parliament house.
    Secondly JMPM is take back Porgera which is something good for the nation so people of this nation please give support to pangu for the comming 2022 election.

  • It seems the wind of hope and blessings are flowing in one direction towards PMJM. There is a looming VoNC around the corner and maybe a lot are happening in the background, brief case and people are organized, MPs are whispering along the corridors of the parliament etc etc…
    The keen eyes of general public are on their MPs during this proposed VoNC. You (MPs) make your move at VoNC, than, we will make our moves come 2022 election.

    PMJM, thankyou, you are for the less privileged and we are for you.. May God richly bless you and guide you.

  • Organize strongest men and women and students leaders all across the top schools to have protest because PO will come back to Power through VONC or on next general election 2022.Mark my word,it will come through.

  • We the people do not want a VoNC. Whose interest are PO and BN serving? We want stability till the coming election in 2022.

  • People complaining about Free education, Free health care that PMJM has slightly made changes prior to POs policy,
    I believe what he (PMJM) did its for the good for this country. Free education, free health care makes people lazy and more vulnerable to laziness. There is no such things as FREE in the world…. well on the other it may be beneficial and helpful to some but I still don’t believe in FREE HANDOUTS.

    So our destiny relays on our MPs.

    Ino taim blo Geli Geli…

    God Bless PNG..


  • Sorry PO will never come back to power because all Pangu and its coalition partners are intact.
    Sorry PO try maybe next election 2022 but not this time…members need stability.
    We hungry lo change but not Power!!

  • For the best interest of all ordinary Papua New Guineans, It is best to stop talking about VoNC at this time as it will only bring instability to the government and there won’t be any achievement if new government happens to pop-up. Given the time frame, MPs will be in preparation 2022 elections.

    On this token, some of us out here do not need James Marape as PM neither Peter O’niel, or even Belden Nama for that matter. 2022 elections will bring some more potential prime minister materials so we wait and see.

    Common NGIs, Papuas, Angras, Apos and Kandes, bring it on……….

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