Broadcaster to provide World Cup soccer feed

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The National, Monday February 10th, 2014

 FOOTBALL fans in Papua New Guinea will watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup live on local television – thanks to Click Pacific Limited.

In accordance with its sub-license to broadcast the greatest show on earth, Click Pacific has begun to further sub-license the 64-match tournament to television stations in PNG and across the Pacific region.

Managing director Richard Broadbridge said negotiations were well underway with stationsin PNG, Fiji, Cook Islands and Palau to broadcast the World Cup when it kicks off in Brazil on June 12. Solomon Islands, Kitibati, Tonga and Niue have yet to confirm.

“It’s an exciting time for regional broadcasters. This event only comes once every four years and Brazil is set to host the tournament across 12 stadia ending on July 13 in Rio de Janeiro,” Click Pacific managing director Richard Broadbridge said.

ClickPacific will be providing to more than 10 regional television stations all 64 matches live and delayed, a daily highlights package and a build-up show prior to the opening.

Click Pacific also owns and will sublicense radio rights to stations interested.

While negotiations are continuing, ClickPacific has sub-licensed the event to a broadcaster in Fiji with final stages of negotiations in progress with TV operators in Vanuatu, PNG, Palau and Samoa.

“We have had no offer from Solomon Islands, Tonga, Niue, Kiribati and Cook Islands. 

“We hope that the local operators in those territories contact us as their nations may miss out on the full live coverage of the event,” Broadbridge said.