Broaden Sweep team’s terms of reference

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

I COMMEND the Task Force Sweep chairman and his team for investigating misappropriation cases relating to public funds.
But the team’s terms of re­ference must be broadened to cover all misappropriation cases instead of just specific cases driven by individuals and inte­rest groups.
To do its job well, it needs the services of highly qualified and very experienced people.
I do not think it is a good stra­tegy to second officers from the public service as it could be highly corrupt and ineffective.
You cannot expect good results by engaging people who are part of a corrupt culture as there are likely to be cases of confli­ct of interest and inefficiencies.
If the government is genuine, it needs to allocate more financial resources so that personnel could be recruited by placing advertisements.
The people of PNG have the right to demand the government and prime minister take the right course of action.
There is widespread poverty and deterioration or lack of ser­vices mainly resulting from continuous misappropriation and diversion of public funds by the public service machinery and our political leaders.
We need a well-resourced and independent entity such as the anti-corruption commission ad­vocated by PNG Vision 2050 to fight against and deal with corrupt issues.

Namba Singi
Via email