Brochures on family violence translated into Huli language


BROCHURES on family and sexual violence have been translated into the Huli language to support awareness in Hela.
The Oil Search Foundation in partnership with the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Committee (CIMC), Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) and Hela people prepared the brochures which were launched at the Oil Search Walk to End Violence Against Women last week. “We are committed to ensuring that the responses to family and sexual violence that we are involved in are contextually relevant,” said Jean Martin, the head of the expansion programmes at the Oil Search Foundation.
“Translating this will mean that more people in Hela will have access to information in their own language. And that is important to ensuring we facilitate the dialogue on addressing violence against women and children.” The brochures translated into Huli contain information about domestic violence, rape, incest and wife beating.
The brochures will be distributed widely in Hela in partnership with the Hela FSVAC chaired by Sister Clare Lembo, the coordinator of the Hela Family Support Centre.
“Having resources in our own language makes a difference when we are raising people’s awareness about these issues and why it is illegal to commit these crimes,” Lembo said.
Marcia Kalinoe, head of the CIMC FSVAC said, “working in partnership to spread this information far and wide is critical to the response to family and sexual violence”.
“We value our partnerships with organisations such as the Oil Search Foundation as they are a vehicle to reach more people.”