Brother places onus on State

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The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

THE brother of a student killed inside a dormitory at the University of Technology in Lae on Saturday says the State must take responsibility for his death.
Angelis Romanong also urged politicians not to take advantage of the situation relating to the killing of his younger brother Graham.
Romanong said the death of his brother was a criminal matter and it was the responsibility of the State to apprehend those responsible for it.
Romanong told The National yesterday that his brother had become a victim of a national issue.
“It now appears that the situation has taken a different twist and we have to handle it carefully,” he said.
“The family will be petitioning the Government regarding the killing shortly. It’s up to the Government to find a solution to the problem.
“Once we are satisfied with the Government’s response, we will allow them to repatriate the body formally to Mendi to hand over his body to the immediate family.”