Brothers face stiff opposition in POM softball

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The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

UNITED Brothers’ credibility as a team to be reckoned with this season will be given the acid test on Sunday when they play a double against tough opponents.
The first match will be against Dolphins and the second encounter (the main game) against PNG Power is scheduled for 4pm.
 Brothers must treasure the two matches as they will provide a golden opportunity for them to jump into first place – that is if they win both games – and Bears and Mantarays lose their matches.
Coaches Isikel Tovia Sr (Power) and Jonathan Sogai (Bros) know how vital the main match will be and they will be instructing their teams to bat well and control fielding errors as these are the ingredients for victory.
The Tovia brothers Demas, Isikel Jr and Daniel, Steven Polum, and David Manoa will lead in batting for Power.
Brothers have Dick Bart Jr, Jolam Jerry, Jacob and Glen Nigins, Gerol Pokanau and Kamu Vailala, who are capable of batting Brothers to a win.
Pitching remains the key in an all-important match with Power’s Daniel Tovia expected to remain lethal, while Samuel Ropa and Nelson Kiap have a mammoth task on their hands when alternating to restrict Power from easy points.
In their first match, Bros must not be complacent and must play well against Dolphins whose pitcher Tony Williams and batters Michael Parom, Donald Ravu, Vernon Wams and David Upaupa are expected to shine. 
Two other exciting matches on the draw are the clash between Power and Mantarays in the first of the double-header for PNG Power and the Bears-Defence stoush.
Brown Eagles, after losing to PNG Power last Sunday, must regroup and secure a vital win over Kopex .