BSP ‘Go Green’ initiative gets praise

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EASTERN Highlands law and order chairman councillor David Maip has thanked Bank South Pacific Mt Hagen branch for organising schools to help collect rubbish in the city last Friday.
Maip said that BSP was the first business house in the province which had stepped in to support the Hagen Kona Kai concept in cleaning the city.
He said the city belonged  to everyone and the public should feel responsible that they have a part to play.
He said that what BSP did was a big support for the city and urged other business houses to do the same so that Mt Hagen would become a clean and safe place to live.
Maip said that since the Hagen Kona Kai concept was launched, no one took up the initiative to clean the city.
He said that leaders should also take part in cleaning up the city as it was the third city of the country.
He said everyone should give a hand to maintain the city’s image.
Maip said people should not make comments about the city but instead help and support the Hagen Kona Kai concept so that it would bring a lot of changes o the province.
He said that talking would not help but giving a hand would have more impact.
Maip said that in previous years, Mt Hagen had a bad picture and it was described as one of the worst cities in the country.
He said since the concept began, Mt Hagen was no longer like the past but was now clean and safe.
Maip thanked the Mt Hagen Secondary School students and principal John Mamb and the Hagen United Primary School for taking the lead in collecting rubbish in the city.
He also thanked the public for helping to maintain the city’s image and urged others to take ownership and not to wait for one person.