BSP clients urged to use ATMs, Eftpos

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BANK South Pacific’s retail customers have been urged to increase their Kundu card withdrawals at automatic teller machines (ATMs) nationwide.
The customers should also increase their electronic funds transfer at point of sale (Eftpos) “cash back” withdrawals at supermarkets and retail outlets while shopping, BSP’s executive management advised.
In newspaper advertisements, BSP advised that inconveniences or reductions in banking services it provides may be experienced in the coming weeks as the bank tightened its security systems and procedures in light of the prevailing law and order problems.
“For corporate clients please give 24 hours notice of large cash withdrawals or cash deposits,” the management advised.
BSP advised that it had established a “security information hotline” and was offering a “cash incentive” for any information about planned bank robberies, fraudulent dealings or kidnapping of bank staff or its managers in an attempt to access the bank’s safe.
“With recent serious deterioration of security around PNG, BSP is seeking ‘community support’ to ensure that essential banking services … remain open,” it said, adding if any of its 35 branches fell victim to criminal activities, it would have no option but to close that particular branch.
The first branch to shut down due to its risky location and four armed robberies was the Kerema branch in Gulf province.
Its 3,000 customers were forced to resort to ATMs in six merchant shops as well as conduct EFTPOS transactions.
And if they wanted to conduct other businesses with BSP management, then they needed to travel to braches in other parts of the country, including Port Moresby.