BSP continues ties with Cricket PNG

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The National, Friday 10th Febuary 2012

BANK South Pacific has renewed its sponsorship of Cricket PNG’s global award winning School Kriket programme with K75,000 for another three years.
BSP chief executive officer Ian Clyne announced the sponsorship during the launch of the 2012 BSP School Kriket programme at Ela Murray International School yesterday.
“BSP as a sponsor and facilitator of CPNG are excited and keen to take cricket even further to children and communities nationwide.
“BSP is proud to partner with CPNG in developing the game of cricket among children and the community.
“This strong growth is a result of the hard work, commitment and stability of the Cricket PNG administration and strong support from BSP.
“We support the delivery of a meaningful national development programme for boys and girls that builds self-esteem and promotes awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyle,” Clyne said.
CPNG general manager Greg Campbell said the support helped bring cricket and equipment to children across 10 provinces in PNG.
“Without BSP’s support this programme will simply not be able to run,” Campbell said.
Campbell said the programme had grown with more than 116,000 kids participating since its inception which was higher than all the ICC 95 associates and affiliate members.
“Not only is BSP’s support significantly lucrative but it is the complete organisational commitment that makes this programme special because its staff support with the extension of this worthy programme,” Campbell said. The BSP and CPNG relationship began in 2010 when former cricket boss Bill Leane wrote a proposal to Clyne regarding the school kriket programme.
The programme has won OCC EAP best junior development programme for three consecutive years since 2009 before the BSP school programme was launched. In 2010, it was awarded best junior development initiative regionally at the 2010 ICC EAP development programme annual awards.
The program also received global recognition by being named the best participation initiative at the 2010 ICC Development Programme Awards.