BSP delivering banking opportunities to local community


MORE than 1000 people in Gagidu, Finschhafen, were issued bank cards after opening accounts with Bank South Pacific rural outreach team.
The people came from as far as the Yabem-Mape, Kotec, Burum-Kuat and Ube local level government.
BSP officer Briske Kaume said the team was in Finschhafen from Nov 7 to 10 and opened bank accounts for 1236 people including school children.
“While we were in Finschhafen, we found out that there was a demand for banking services there,” he said.
“The Gagidu station in Finschhafen is an important commercial point for the people and has a market, retail stores, roads, schools and government agencies. But there are no banking services.
“We were there to open new bank accounts, promote our agent, do product awareness and also conducted financial literacy training.”
Kaume said their agent at the station, Oasis Gagidu Limited, provided banking services to the people such as deposits, withdrawals, funds transfer, loan repayment and wantok money.
“The economy of Finschhafen is active so it will need a sub-branch of the bank,” he said.
“We will take the matter up with our superiors for the possibility of setting up a sub-branch of the bank there.
Kaume said it was the second district they (Bank South Pacific) had visited this year.