BSP donates to Salvo

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BANK South Pacific made its donation of K20,000 to the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal at a small presentation at the bank’s head office in Port Moresby yesterday.
It was the bank’s first donation to the fund although it has been involved in many charity activities for three years now.
BSP chief executive Ian Clyne presented a mock cheque for K20,000 to Salvo’s public relations secretary, Capt John Kerari, witnessed by the media and BSP marketing staff.
“BSP is very honoured to help such a worthy organisation like Salvation Army,” Mr Clyne said.
From donations of K10,000 in the previous years, the figure has doubled in this year’s first donation to the Salvation Army.
“BSP is committed to assist organisations that go out to the communities and touch the lives of the people and that the work Salvation Army is doing is beneficial,” Mr Clyne said.
“This is the biggest donation that Salvation Army has received so far,” Capt Kerari said.
He received the cheque on behalf of the chairman of the Red Shield Appeal Board, Sir Brian Bell and the territorial commander, Commissioner Andrew Kalai.
Capt Kerari said he was “very humbled” by the very generous donation from BSP.