BSP hails RPNGC over the recapture of Kapris

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BANK of South Pacific applauds Police Commissioner Gari Baki and his men for the recapture of bank robbery suspect William Nanua Kapris last week.
A senior executive from BSP speaking on anonymity said: “We hope that their efforts continue and all the other high security prisoners are recaptured in the very near future.
“BSP remains under threat from various sources and will, therefore, remain highly vigilant.”
But BSP will soon be announcing the reopening of its branch network in the next few Saturdays to accept “school loans” which the bank temporary halted following the Jan 12 escape of 12 hardcore men from the Bomana Correctional Service maximum security facility.
Speaking on BSP’s security information hotline, the executive said: “The information hotline will remain as a permanent part of our security operations.
“BSP continues to offer cash rewards for ‘useful’ information that can prevent future bank robberies, frauds or personal threats against executives, management or staff.
“We hope Kapris will identify his co-conspirators and everyone involved in the robberies against BSP, and bring them to justice soon,” the executive added.
The staff also said police had shown that with the right funding and support, they were capable of addressing the rising law and order problems in the country.
“We sincerely hope the National Government will provide more financial resources to the police, prison services and justice system to provide better conditions for their officers, better training and equipment, and root out any corrupt elements.
“Law and order is the biggest problem facing PNG.
“This mass escape and ongoing intimidation and misuse of the legal system which has received major international media coverage in recent weeks are seriously damaging our image abroad and potentially costing PNG as a nation many millions of kina in lost business opportunities.”
The staff said the recapture of Kapris was a major step forward, but in the view of the many problems in the legal system and processes in PNG, the threat continues.
“It needs a concerted effort by the Government, the legal fraternity, business and the community at large to address these very serious law and order problems.
“There is also the need to protect the independence and professionalism of the courts and the police services,” the executive added.
The Business Council of PNG (BCPNG) will be taking to the upcoming National Working Group (NWG) meeting issues affecting the business community, including security.
BCPNG is a co-chair to NWG which was established by Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare in 2003.
BCPNG vice-president Gerea Aopi said: “The correct process in this case would be to take this through NWG.
“The NWG will be meeting soon and will be considering security concerns.”