BSP launches 178th ATM

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The National – Thursday, February 17, 2011

THE Bank South Pacific BSP has put online another automated teller machine (ATM) as part of its programme to make  banking easier, convenient and accessible to customers across Papua New Guinea.
BSP chief executive officer Ian  Clyne opened a new ATM at the Courts superstore at Gordons, in Port Moresby yesterday, bringing the total number of ATMs nationwide to 178.
This makes BSP the largest ATM network serving the majority of Papua New Guineans.
In the coming weeks, BSP would be opening a couple more. 
This roll-out was part of an expansion plan to have 400 ATMs nationwide. 
 “We will continue to grow our ATM network because of our commitment to our customers, as this expansion allows them to choose how they bank with BSP –  at a time, place and location that are convenient to them,” Clyne said.
Courts general manager Mark Curtis, who also officiated at the launch, thanked BSP for providing the service.

 “This partnership with BSP shows our combined commitment to work together to provide to our customers the ease of comfort when shopping at Courts and needing to use the ATM service too,” Curtis said.