BSP launches community projects

National, Normal

The National, Friday, April 29, 2011

BANK South Pacific has started its annual community projects initiative for 2011, with one completed, one in progress and two about to start.
By the end of the year, BSP will have delivered 35 community projects. 
All branches nationwide have a project each while Rabaul and Kokopo have a joint project.
Bank public relations manager Barnabas Orere Pondros said staff at all branches were very keen and excited about the community projects.
“BSP Mendi, in Southern Highlands, has already presented Lumbi Primary School with a brand new 9,000-litre Tuffa tank and installed by us,” he said.
Lumbi Primary School is situated 25km east of Mendi township and has 318 students and 11 teachers.
He said the Goroka branch project was almost complete while the Lae market and Tabubil branches were about to start.
All other branches are finalising plans and should start as soon as possible. 
Pondros said the bank believed the community projects were a wonderful opportunity to address change in a meaningful way and staff took pride in what they achieved.
“Working with communities provides us with an occasion to step back from our busy offices and interact with communities and look to the long-term challenges and opportunities that face us and how we can help.
“BSP community projects are on-going and driven by the enthusiasm of staff at all branches nationwide and supported by management.
“Since 2009, BSP has given back annually to communities nationwide in excess of K1 million through these community projects.”