BSP launches new branding campaign

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The National, Friday, May 13, 2011

BANK South Pacific yesterday launched a new branding campaign called “BSP, your bank, for life”, aimed at assuring its 600,000 clients throughout PNG that they are here to stay.
Chief executive officer Ian Clyne, who presided over the launching, said the campaign would provide a closer relationship between bank and client and add value to the role banks play in peoples’ lives.
He said banking and life go together by understanding that customers’ banking needs were usually motivated by the journey of life, such as getting married, having a baby, paying for tuition, and sports and community projects that had the potential to nurture the future.
A new commercial celebrating this “life” campaign was produced  by Australian company Murdifications, that showcases the different needs, cultures, peoples and lifestyle of PNG and the South Pacific and how BSP contributes positively as a uniquely different banking organisation.
Clyne said this campaign was also all about committing to making banking a convenient and easy part of life.
“We understand there’s an increasing need to save time and money. We are committed to improving our product offers, service levels and access to banking services for our customers by introducing new services and technology that’s never been available to PNG and the Pacific,” he said.
He said last year, clients were able to do their banking using their mobile phones through SMS banking where they could top up their phone credits, make withdrawals and deposits and also transfer funds.
The campaign also focuses on the community and the various projects that BSP supports, which Clyne said costs the bank in excess of K1 million worth of community project values.
He said this showed that BSP was part of the local community who were responsible citizens supporting tangible developments by giving back to the communities.